Sunday, August 20, 2017

August 21 - 25

We're excited to be witnesses of this rare event, and hope for good viewing of our partial eclipse here in Tegus with our pinhole cameras and special glasses!

** Great news!  Soon students will be receiving information about their Discovery School Gmail account, which they will be able to use for school work and projects, rather than creating their own accounts as mentioned in last week's blog.  These accounts will be more secure than regular Gmail, and will allow students to maneuver their Google Drive resources in a more controlled environment. Please have your 5th grader share their email password with you once they receive it so that you may monitor the account as well. More information about these accounts to come soon!

This week in Grade 5:

Language Arts

This week we will continue with our class novel Bridge to Terabithia, analyzing the characters, plot, and figurative language.  We will also be focusing on finding textual evidence to support our observations and inferences.

We'll continue working on "exploding" our writing with interesting details, and we will be observing and practicing the appropriate use of commas.

In math this week, we'll be working on mental math strategies for adding and subtracting large numbers, as well as rounding, estimating, and applying these skills in problem-solving situations.

Social Studies

We'll continue our investigations into different forms of government, and then students will research the government of another country and prepare a brief presentation for the rest of the class.

Thanks for checking in with us this week, and as always, please don't hesitate to contact me with questions or comments!

All the best,
Ms. Amy

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