Sunday, September 3, 2017

September 4 - 8

Welcome to another week of learning, growing, working hard, and having fun!

**This week students will have the opportunity to run for election to our first Discovery School Elementary Environmental Council!  Interested students should prepare a speech to be delivered this Friday, and then students in each grade will vote for their grade's representatives.  The Environmental Council will meet and discuss ways that we can make our school more environmentally friendly, as well as guide the rest of the student body in adopting more ecologically sound practices at school and in their own lives!

This week in Grade 5:

Language Arts
This week we will continue with Bridge to Terabithia in guided reading, as we analyze character traits, plot developments, and figurative language.  In writing, we'll begin a project in which students will research a well-known geographical feature and will write a magazine article about it to be included in our very own 5th grade edition of "Discovery Geographic."  In spelling, we'll be focusing on words with the suffixes -tion and -sion, as well as using syllabication to analyze multi-syllable words.

Students will be reviewing and using the standard algorithm to solve addition and subtraction problems with whole numbers and decimals, later applying these skills to solve real-world problems. The following Monday, we will be reviewing Chapter 1 concepts for a test on Tuesday, September 12.

Social Studies

Students will be finishing up and presenting their Google Slides presentations about governments around the world, and then we will dive into geography.

Thanks for checking in with us this week, and as always, please don't hesitate to contact me with questions or comments!

All the best,
Ms. Amy

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