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writing.jpgChoose 3 assignments below (at least one assignment from column B) to complete in your notebook by Friday.  One assignment will be due on Tuesday, and the others due Friday morning.  Be sure to do your best work!

COLUMN A: Spelling
COLUMN B: Vocabulary
Cursive practice:
Write your words 3 times each in your best cursive handwriting. Be sure to form the letters correctly. Ms. Amy will give you a sticker chart that you can refer to when unsure about how to form a letter.
Write a fifth-grade sentence for each word, showing the meaning of the word.  You may include more than one word in a sentence as long as it is grammatically correct and makes sense,and shows the meaning of all the words used. Underline or highlight the spelling words.
Rainbow syllables:
Divide each word into syllables, using a different color for each syllable.  Write each word 3 times each.  

De - struct - i - ble
De - struct - i - ble
De - struct - i - ble
Be an Author
Write a story, poem, or song using all of your spelling words.  Underline the spelling words. Be sure your story makes sense and is grammatically correct.
Word Art:
Choose 10 words to turn into a picture that has something to do with the meaning of the word. Your work must show effort and include color.

Comic Strip:
Write and illustrate a comic strip using all of your words.  It must be neat, and make sense.

Practice Test:
Take a written practice test with an adult. Write the words you miss 3 times each. Turn in the test and corrections with a PARENT SIGNATURE.
Use a dictionary, online or book, to write the definitions of each word. Arrange the words in ALPHABETICAL order, just like you would find them in a glossary.
Word models:
Use play-doh or modeling clay to spell your words. Take a picture and email it to me at asuhr@discoveryschool.edu.hn. Please take a picture of several words at the same time… do not send me a picture for each word.
Abc, Alphabet, Letters, Read, ...

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