Technology Usage Policies

Expectations for Technology Use in the Elementary School


1. Teachers may require students to bring their electronics for different uses in class
directly related to curriculum completion (i.e. research, use of apps, instructional
interactive games, work on presentations, etc)

2. Teachers expect students to use technology in the elementary for:
     A. IXL (Math and Language)
     B. Checking weekly blogs on Monday
     C. Reading reinforcement by using programs such as Razkids, Mobymax,
          Spellingcity, etc.
     D. Use of Google Docs, Slides and Drive
     E. Email and Engrade (grade 5)
     F. Instructional games (i.e. Kahoot)

3. On average, elementary students use technology in school (being this using their
own device or visiting the computer lab) three times a week.

4. Homeroom teachers require students to use their electronics an average of four
times a week.

5. Special teachers require students to use their electronics at home occasionally.

6. Students who bring their electronics to school will use them for educational
purposes only, and will not be using them to substitute play outside during recess
and lunch.

7. Students are responsible for their electronics, and will keep their electronics in a
safe place in the classroom. Teachers may assist by picking these up at the
beginning of the day, handing them to the students during the class time they need
them, and then returning them to the students at the end of the day.

8. Discovery School respects parents who have different opinions regarding the use
of technology, and will willingly accommodate to these differences by working
together with parents in finding viable and alternative ways in which their child
can use the required technology for curriculum completion.

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