Sunday, April 23, 2017

April 24-28

Welcome back to another world-changing week in Discovery Grade 5!

Please note: This Friday will be an early dismissal due to teacher professional development.  There will be no school on the following Monday, May 1, for Honduran Labor Day.

** In honor of Earth Day last Saturday, throughout the week students will participate in an exercise in order to increase their awareness of the amount of trash they generate. We are asking students to please bring 1-2 plastic grocery bags to school on Monday for this activity.

**This Friday, April 28, fifth graders will participate in the French Festival.  Students should dress as chefs, and they will be serving crepes to the other elementary students. Don't worry... they will get to enjoy the "fruits of their labor" as well!

This week in Grade 5...
We will continue with our review this week focusing on Chapters 4, 5, 7, 8 and 9.  The Cumulative test will be this Friday.

Social Studies
Students will start their Ancient Greece/Rome project this week.  Students can work independently or in partners and will choose a project from 9 options.  They will spend this week researching and planning their project.

Language Arts
Last week we finished our Holes unit with a lively graded discussion, in which students compared themselves to characters in the book, and then discussed which themes they felt were most important in the novel.  Students will receive their discussion grades along with their response journal grades this week.  This week we'll be reviewing poetic devices and analyzing classic poems such as "Fog" by Carl Sandburg, "Casey at the Bat" by Ernest Lawrence Thayer, and "Words Free As Confetti" by Pat Mora.

For spelling, students will continue to be evaluated based on the No Excuse Words for Fifth Grade in everything thing they write in all subject areas.

We will also continue to work with the 9th and 10th graders on our World Changers project.  Students will be choosing specific problems in Honduras related to the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals and will be brainstorming possible solutions.  Then they will begin to organize their ideas in a persuasive essay.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

April 18th to 21st

Welcome Back!!  We hope you all had a relaxing and memorable Semana Santa!

This week in Grade 5...

We will spend the next two weeks reviewing all the concepts covered since August.  This will help students to strengthen their knowledge and memory of the skills which they will need for many years to come.  Students will have a Cumulative Test next Friday.  This week we will be reviewing Chapters 1 to 3.

Ancient Rome
Students will spend this week exploring the Ancient Civilization of Rome.  They will look at various components which made up the empire such as The Roman Army, The Republic and Emperors, Slavery, and Foods.

Language Arts
This week we will be finishing up the class novel Holes and will have a final "graded" discussion on Friday as students' final assessment.  We have practiced this kind of discussion before, and will have one more practice this week before the final discussion, in which students will be evaluated on their participation in the discussion as well as how they follow discussion procedures (i.e. using phrases like "I agree with *** because..." or "I want to build on what *** said because...").  They will also be evaluated on how well they show their understanding of the characters, plot, and theme of the novel.

We will also begin a collaborative project this week with the 9th/10th grade class, in which students will be investigating the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals and developing a persuasive project based on the goal of their choice.  We are entitling this unit "World Changers" as we seek to support and empower students in doing their part to make the world a better place!

Rather than having new words to study for the next two weeks, students will be evaluated on their spelling of the high-frequency "No Excuse" spelling words for fifth grade.  Anything they write in class, in any subject, may be evaluated for the spelling of these words, which are expected to have been mastered by the end of fifth grade.  You can find a list in the right sidebar of this blog.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

April 3rd to 7th

Our Spring Potluck will be this Friday at lunch time. Please talk with your child about what you can contribute so that s/he can sign up on the Google Doc we shared with them. We will also be having water balloon activities, so students should bring clothes that can get wet on Friday!

We will finish Chapter 9 this Tuesday.  Wednesday and Thursday will be review sessions for their Chapter 9 Test this Friday.  For students who will not be here Friday, they have the option of taking the test before Friday or when they return from Semana Santa.  If they wish to take the test after the break,  please keep in mind that a week  off may impede their memory on concepts learned.
5% Bonus Credit: Complete IXL Y.1. Y.4, EE.7 by Friday to 90%.

Social Studies
Students are working hard with their partner on their Greek topic looking at creative ways to share their knowledge with their peers in a fun and informative ways.  Teaching of their topic will start on Tuesday.

Language Arts
We will be continuing with our class novel Holes this week, but most of our time will be spent
preparing for our Women's History Exhibition on Thursday beginning at 12:30.  We'll be finalizing scripts and practicing oral presentations as well as preparing visual displays.  All parents are invited to our exhibition on Thursday!  Check your email for further information!

Have a wonderful Semana Santa vacation, and we'll see you on Tuesday the 18th!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

March 27th to 31st

There will be no school this Friday for students.  If you have been notified that a parent conference is necessary, these conferences will take place Friday morning.  If you have not been notified that a conference is necessary, but wish to meet with Ms. Amy or Ms. Linh, please email us and we can set up a time for Friday.  

This week in fifth grade...

We will continue with learning to calculate the Areas of Triangles and Parallelograms this week.  
IXL this week: EE.2, EE.3, EE.4

Social Studies
Students will start Ancient Greece this week where they will learn about the major events in Greek history, the Gods and Goddesses, the Greek Olympics, and the language and alphabets of this empire.

Language Arts
We'll be continuing our preparations for our "Women's History Living Museum" scheduled for next week.  Students will be finishing up their research and preparing their scripts, as well as practicing their oral presentations. So that we can use maximum time to prepare for this, we will not have spelling words this week.  Our word studies of Greek and Latin roots will continue next week.

In reading, we will continue with our guided reading novel, Holes by Louis Sachar.  We'll be analyzing characters, themes, and figurative language.  We will also be practicing having formal discussions about specific topics in the book, using "Accountable Talk" discussion language to agree/disagree with, and add-on to, what others have said in the discussions.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

March 20th to 24th

This week in Grade 5...

Students will continue with measurements this week calculating the the area of rectangles and squares and the circumference of a circle.

Presentation of their group project will be on Monday.  We will wrap up this Science unit on Healthy Living by applying the skills we have learned from Mindfulness to help us with our introduction to Yoga.

Language Arts
This week we'll begin our new guided reading novel Holes by Louis Sachar.  We will also be finishing up fiction stories and beginning our women's history project, in which students will choose a famous woman from history to research with a partner.  We will have our Spelling/Language Arts quiz on Monday, due to the short week last week, but we will not have any new spelling words this week.

Due to limited availability of the computer lab, students should bring their electronic devices on Friday to help them with research for their Women's History project.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

March 13th to 17th

No school this Friday- Spring Break!!!!

This Thursday is the end of the 3rd quarter.  

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Students will get their Chapter 8 Math Test back on Monday.  They are to have it corrected, signed by their parents, and returned to the teacher by Wednesday.
We will start Chapter 9 this week with Measurement.  Students will learn to convert metric and customary units of measurement and be able to find the perimeters of a polygon. 

Students will spend this week writing up their research paper for their group project.  They will review the basic format of what a good paper entails and revisit their knowledge on editing skills. Students will deliver their presentation and hand in their paper on Thursday.

We will continue with our Mindfulness practice this week as students develop their deep breathing skills as they sharpen their 5 senses and train their brain to focus on the present moment, with purpose, and non judgementally.

Language Arts
This week students will be finishing up both their Book Club projects and their fiction stories. If time allows, we will begin our new class novel Holes.  We'll also be beginning a joint project with the Senior Class in which we'll be researching important women in history and presenting our research in the form of a living museum!  More information will be coming about this! If you are a student reading the blog, send Ms. Amy an email by Tuesday morning explaining what you think the quote above means and giving an example of someone doing something small with great love.  Do not tell your classmates... let's see who reads the blog!

For spelling, our words contain the roots tract, meter, scope, phon, graph. As usual, one assignment from the practice menu will be due on Tuesday, but due to the short week, the rest will be due on Monday, when we will have our quiz.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

March 6th to 10th

This week in Grade 5....

Students' math test for Chapter 8 will be this Friday.  To help you prepare for the test you have the option (not mandatory) of completing the following IXL for extra credit for Math: M.15, M.28, N.8

Students had a great time getting fit with Ms. Cara's awesome ZUMBA session!  Students learned that getting fit can come in all environments and can also be FUN!  Below are some pictures and videos of fifth graders shaking and sweating and grooving.



This week we will continue our unit on Healthy Living by focusing on exercising our mind through Mindfulness practices.  Mindfulness has been defined as a certain way of paying attention: "on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally" (Kabat-Zinn, 1994)

Students will also spend this week completing their group project presentation.

Language Arts
This week students will be working on the Book Club projects that they chose to showcase the novel that they read. We will also continue reviewing prepositions and conjunctions, and we will study words with the roots rupt, photo, quad, terr, and geo.  Students will receive a revised spelling menu from which they must choose 1 assignment to complete by Tuesday, and 2 more assignments to complete by Friday (3 total).  If you are a student reading this blog, read the quotation at the top of the blog and send me an email by Tuesday morning, explaining what you think it means in your own words. If I can tell you really thought about your answer, you can earn 3 stars!