Monday, September 17, 2018

September 18-21

We hope you had a great holiday weekend!  Thanks for checking back in with us!

Notes for the week...

** MAP testing will begin school-wide this week and will extend into the next couple of weeks.  This means that we will have very little access to the computer lab, and students will be depending on their devices for several activities.  Please allow your child to bring a device (preferably tablet or laptop, but a smart phone can work in a pinch).  Students will be using the apps Google Drive, Google Slides, and Google Docs, as well as their internet browser, so please make sure that these apps are downloaded on the device. It is preferable that each student have their own device, but if your child is unable to bring one, we will make arrangements here at school for them to complete the work.  Thank you so much for your collaboration!

** Just a reminder that students will be taking the MAP test for math on Friday at 8:30am.

** Please consider joining us this Saturday at 9:00am for the first General Assembly of the year to hear from our new director and board about the direction the school is heading this year!  

This week in class...

Language Arts
We will be finishing up the novel Bridge to Terabithia and winding up our informal discussions of the characters, themes, figurative language, and important events in the story.  On Friday we will have a final class discussion over the novel which will serve as their assessment for the unit.  Students will receive the discussion questions on Thursday so that they can prepare.  

In Language, there will be no spelling words this week due to MAP testing on Friday and the holiday last Monday. However, students have created their personal word walls in which they will be recording any words that they have misspelled in their written activities. They can refer back to this resource when writing in the future so as not to continue misspelling words they have struggled with.

In addition, we will begin a series of digital citizenship lessons about using online resources safely and wisely.

This week in Math class we will have our final test on Place Value. We will also begin our next unit on multiplication! We will begin with a diagnostic quiz to check students understanding from last week and then begin reviewing the Commutative and Associative Properties.

Tuesday: One lesson, Math IXL C.3
Wednesday: One lesson, Math IXL A.3
Thursday: One lesson

This week we will begin our Science unit about matter. We will be investigating the different states of matter and the particles that make them up, along with the physical properties of different kinds of matter.

Thank you for all of your support, parents! Please feel free to email us if you have any

Ms. Amy and Mr. Andrew

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