Monday, September 24, 2018

September 24-28

Welcome back to another week of learning and fun in Grade 5! Thanks for checking back in with us!

Notes for the week...

** MAP testing is underway school-wide now through the October holiday.  This means that we will have very little access to the computer lab, and students will be depending on their devices for several activities.  Please allow your child to bring a device (preferably tablet or laptop, but a smart phone can work in a pinch).  Students will be using the apps Google Drive, Google Slides, and Google Docs, as well as their internet browser, so please make sure that these apps are downloaded on the device. It is preferable that each student have their own device, but if your child is unable to bring one, we will make arrangements here at school for them to complete the work.  Thank you so much for your collaboration!

** Just a reminder that students will be taking the MAP test for Reading on Wednesday at 8:30am.  On Friday, the 28th, we will take the MAP test for Language at 8:30am. 

** This Friday, September 28, will be an Early Dismissal at 11:45.  There will be no classes next week for Semana Morazánica.  Classes will resume as normal on Monday, October 8.  Enjoy your vacation! 

This week in class...

Language Arts
Last week we finished our novel Bridge to Terabithia and had our final class discussion over the themes, characters, and events in the book.  This week we will be moving on to investigate the features of nonfiction text as well as how they can help us understand the text more thoroughly.

In Language, we will be studying words with the y --> i spelling change in plural nouns and certain verb conjugations. The quiz will be on Thursday, due to MAP testing on Friday.

We will also be choosing topics for our upcoming speeches with the theme "How to Make the World a Better Place," inspired by the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.  Once topics are chosen, we'll be doing background research to support our topics, and then organizing our thoughts and evidence.

If you are a fifth grader reading the blog right now, send Ms. Amy an email explaining what you think the quote at the top of the blog means. Be specific, and use an example in your explanation. The first three students to send the email with a thoughtful response will receive a treat next week! (Shhhh... don't tell your friends... let's see who reads the blog!)

This week in Math class we will begin studying multiplication! This week we will review the Commutative, Associative, and Distributive Properties. Students should be graduating from practicing multiplication in their XtraMath shortly. A little bit everyday makes a big difference! :)

Monday: One lesson, Math IXL C.4
Tuesday: One lesson, Math IXL (either I.3 or C.1, differentiated)
Wednesday: One lesson
Thursday: One lesson

We will continue to investigate properties of matter, as well as identifying the difference between physical and chemical changes. We will be observing some chemical reactions and recording data to help us draw conclusions.

Thank you for all of your support, parents! Please feel free to email us if you have any

Ms. Amy and Mr. Andrew

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