Sunday, September 2, 2018

September 3-7

Welcome back to a brand new week in 5th grade!
Feliz Mes de la Patria!

Notes for the week...

** If students are unable to complete homework due to internet connectivity problems or technical issues, we ask parents to please send the homeroom teacher a text, email, or note to verify this.  Thank you!

This week in class...

Language Arts
This week we will continue with our novel Bridge to Terabithia, analyzing the characters and figurative language along with discussing themes of the novel.  We will continue to practice the proper use of capitalization, commas, and other punctuation.  In Working with Words, we'll be practicing words with the suffixes -tion and -sion along with high-frequency words that students should spell correctly in all of their writing.

This week in math students will be rounding and estimating whole numbers and decimals.  Students should continue to complete 1 lesson of every night, Monday through Thursday.  We can already see the progress students are making in their math facts fluency!

Monday: One lesson, IXL Math H.1 - Add decimals
Tuesday: One lesson, IXL Math A.7 - Rounding

Wednesday: One lesson, Moby Max - Rounding and Adding
Thursday: One lesson, IXL Math G.7 - Round Decimals

Social Studies
This week in Social Studies class we will be learning a bit about Honduran painter Moises Becerra and studying his works of art. We'll also be continuing our Geography unit.

Thank you for all of your support, parents! Please feel free to email us if you have any

Ms. Amy and Mr. Andrew

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